Personalised Branding

Lynda will work with you to develop a wardrobe that complements your personality and lifestyle.

Wardrobe Makeover Package

Learn how to define your style and discover what suits you.
A Wardrobe Makeover provides a fresh start and the opportunity to create a new you.

Lynda will help you evaluate your garments, footwear, and accessories.

During the process you will identify what no longer works for you, what gaps exist in your wardrobe, and how to organise your wardrobe to make the most of what you have.

Her written follow up will list the items you require to create a coordinated and versatile wardrobe. It will also help you to evolve your style going forward.

Style Definition - Wardrobe Declutter/Reorganise (allow 2 hours)
Follow Up Report
Wardrobe Plan and Personal Style Guidelines

Shopping Package

Experience shopping that is both rewarding and fun!

This is your chance to try different colour and style combinations, learning what works for you.

The targeted shopping session follows on from a Wardrobe Makeover. Lynda will help you buy the items you need to reflect your new look, and fit your budget.

Her written follow up will itemise the pieces purchased and list the items required to continue developing your wardrobe.

Shopping Plan with Pre Agreed Budget (allow 2 hours)
Follow Up Report
Updated Wardrobe Plan and Personal Style Guidelines

$300.00 - with the option to add more time if required
(at an extra cost of $100 per hour over and above the allocated 2 hours)

Wardrobe Coordination Package

Spend an hour with Lynda at your place laying out coordinated outfits including accessories and footwear.
You will achieve a multitude of looks combining textures and colours, that will ensure you maximise the items in your wardrobe.

Use the technology that you have at your fingertips to capture the variety of outfit combinations you have in your wardrobe.

This collection of looks will become a useful reference for putting together outfits each day.


Garments | Handbags | Accessories
Would you like to use accessories to refresh your look or to make a statement?

In addition to Lynda's other services, she also hosts an accessory event twice a year to cater for the change of seasons. The March event focuses on Autumn/Winter and the September event focuses on Spring/Summer.

The range is a unique selection of quality brands, and includes garments, handbags, and accessories. The items will inspire you to choose key pieces that complement and refresh your wardrobe each season.

If you are short of time and need an item, call Lynda and
it will be arranged for you.

Lynda will source specific items and drop them off to you wherever
you are and whenever you need them.


Personalised Packages

One on one packages that are targeted to specific needs.

Learn how to make a great impression by having the right look for any event.

Would you like help to select something to wear for a birthday, wedding or black tie event?

A session can be personalised to suit your requirements for any
special event.

Lynda will help you find the perfect outfit, which can include shopping for
accessories, shoes and undergarments.

Recommendations for hair and makeup are also provided to complete the look.

Personalised Plan/Pre Agreed Budget
Contact Lynda for a case by case quote

Have you experienced difficulty when packing for a holiday, overseas trip, weekend away or conference?

Lynda will help you reduce the number of items you need to take with you.

She will give you tips on how to minimise your packing by selecting coordinated pieces including accessories, footwear, resortwear, sportswear and swimwear.

These key items will help you achieve a multitude of outfit combinations, while you are away.

Do you want to know what colours suit you.

During a focused session on colour, Lynda will teach you the basic principles and how to apply them to your wardrobe.

She will identify the best colour range for your skin tone and provide you with a suitable colour swatch booklet, to use as a reference when shopping.

You will then be set to confidently select new items, knowing that they are in the best colours for you.

Men have the same fashion challenges as women.

They can use the same approach to personal style with the same great outcomes.

All Personalised Branding packages are available for men to provide them with a refreshed look and confidence.

Gift Vouchers

Personalised Branding gift vouchers can be tailored to suit the person, the event, and your budget.